Sometimes life gets a little messy.
When it happens to your carpet, you don’t want to be reminded of it every time you pass that certain area of your home or business. Especially after you have already tried to clean it up, but there is still a spot/stain left. Or maybe it’s been a while since you’ve done a deep clean, and it’s just not feeling or looking as clean as you’d like it.
Why should you choose us?
We understand that your carpet can and will get dirty; especially if you have children. There is no need to worry about life getting messy when you have our Shreveport Carpet Cleaning services on your side! Our friendly staff specializes in cleaning carpets, tile and grout, and upholstery. We have been serving the Shreveport and Bossier City area for many years and will gladly come out and clean your home and/or business for you.
Benefits of a professionally cleaned carpet
Having your rooms cleaned has many benefits, including reduction of allergens, aesthetically pleasing, and the feeling that only comes from a professionally cleaned carpet.  It’s amazing how much dirt, grit, pollutants, etc. that can accumulate over time. Most people are shocked to see how much cleaner their floors look after they get them professionally cleaned by our affordable and dependable staff.

Why Should You Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

  1. It prolongs the life of it. Having them cleaned every year will extend the life of your carpet significantly.
  2. It protects the quality of your air indoors. Many pollutants can get trapped inside your carpet, including pet dander, lead, cockroach allergens, dust and dirt to name a few.
  3. It removes spots and stains. If left untreated for too long, you can damage the fibers in your carpet from spots and stains as they attract more soiling.
  4. Makes the room look better. Keeping your carpets clean and well-maintained will speak volumes about the overall cleanliness of a home or business.
RugDoctor or Hire a Professional Cleaning Company?
Here are the pros and cons with cleaning your home or business with a cleaning machine like RugDoctor, or hiring a professional to come out and clean your home/business for you.

  • RugDoctor is good at cleaning your carpets beyond the normal vacuuming. It’s not as good at sucking up all the excess water that it leaves behind, leaving your carpets damp for days and the possibility of mold/mildew forming underneath because of it.
  • An affordable and professional company like ours does a deeper clean, and any excess water left behind is so minimal that it dries within a few hours.
How to Overcome Devastation with Powerful Water Damage Restoration
If not controlled properly, something as essential as water can have drastic and destructive effects. We need water to feed our plants, to nourish our bodies, to wash our clothes and much more. But when there is too much water, there is the possibility of water damage. Whether you experience a burst pipe, flooding from a broken dishwasher, a teenage foam party in the middle of your dining room, or any occurrence that induces the accumulation of water, you need to know how essential it is to perform water removal and do so immediately before further damage ensues. When water is stagnant, it becomes a breeding ground for smaller organisms to flourish. Mold, mildew, rust, and insects love to hang out in water! The Institute of Medicine and the CDC believe that exposure to mold causes respiratory illness in both sick and well patients. Thus, the proper removal of water from carpets, walls, furniture, and flooring is imperative to your safety.